Finals Week!

School is finally almost over! Of course it couldn’t leave without a bang…… finals week. I’m pretty sure almost all college students have been dreading this week. Luckily my finals week isn’t too stressful this time because I only have 3 classes this semester. I do feel bad for those student regretting their academic decisions as a result of finals week. One thing I definitely learned AGAIN, is to try my absolute hardest not to procrastinate! I say this at the end and beginning of every semester and I still can’t seem to get it right. However, this semester I think I might have learned my lesson. I guess we’ll see this summer when I begin my summer classes.



Domain Hosting and Registration

So when I first began brainstorming names and concepts for my website I first just searched titles that included my name because I wasn’t sure what I wanted the purpose of my website to be. Now, that I know what I want my site to be about it was a little easier to come up with the domain name. The hard part is finding a name that isn’t already taken. So when gathered the goals and purpose of my site, I came up with the name Life Support. Well when I searched LifeSupport on, of course that was already taken. When I used weebly to narrow down a site name I ended up just settling with LifeeSupport. Of course, the extra “e” was added to allow me to use a domain name that wasn’t already taken without having to completely change the name. I definitely won’t pay for hosting because I am just starting. At this point I don’t know what the feedback and participation of the site will be like so I would like to just keep it simple for now. Also, I will not pay for a domain name right now because of the same reason listed previously. However, in the future if I make a site for business purposes I might purchase a domain name or pay for hosting.

Security and Privacy

I actually learned a lot more than I expected to learn from this week’s module. One interesting tip that I never thought about from was”Don’t Reuse Passwords.” Of course this is really simple, but you just never really think about it. I never thought of paying attention to the repetition of passwords. Another interesting thing I learned about was the use of password managers. I found it really interesting that “All you’ll ever need to know is the master password. The rest of your passwords are encrypted, and can only be unlocked by that master password” (Wired). Lastly, I found the information about Simon Wadsworth’s company interesting. “Simon Wadsworth is an Online Reputation Management consultant for his company Igniyte (, which specialises in helping people fix their digital profiles” (TechAdvisor). I think this company was a really good idea. This module also taught me to make sure I pay attention to my internet footprint. I need to be sure to watch what I post, share, or like on any social media pages. As a future communications professional, I think all of this information is very important to know. I think this because  you never know, one day I might be responsible for my own company or another company’s social media sites, private information, etc.  If this were true I would need to be aware of how to protect the company’s important information; and what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. I would also need to be able to protect the company’s accounts which includes handling the log ins.

Learning Can Be Fun

So I’m sitting in class watching the time go by and it just hit me all of a sudden. Why does school have to be so boring? Why can’t learning be fun in class? I know there are exceptions to this; some classes are fun for students. However, generally classes are not viewed as something that is fun. Personally, I don’t mind going to my classes that are fun and interactive. I do not really enjoy going to my other classes that aren’t as fun because they’re so boring that it’s hard to pay attention. My attention span is really bad so in boring classes I struggle a lot with paying attention. I feel like I would get a lot more out of my classes if my teachers found a way to make it more interesting and interactive. In my opinion the majority of classes should not be lecture style classes like they are now. Again this is all just my opinion because I know how I am. I am more likely to pay attention in an interactive class than in a large, lecture class.

Search Engine Optimization

So today I became a little more familiar with search engine optimization. According to module 11 in class, “search engine optimization refers to the practice of designing and editing websites in a way that improves their chances of being found when a user searches for content in a search engine.” I realize now how important this is because it affects the number of people that will see or come across my site. I want to be able to make my site in a way that has enough tags and relevant content that will make it more likely to appear when people search for content. I plan on using some SEO strategies I learned about on “5 SEO strategies Every Company Needs to Master.” For example, the first step I learned was “Get Quality Links” (Module 11). According to the page, this step includes content selection, networking, etc. This step seems to be very important in my opinion because it is the basis from which your sites success is based.

Massive Open Online Courses

Okay so I had no idea there were so many resources available for web design training. This week I learned about 22 of the best and most common resources. Out of the 22 I feel that 3 of them would significantly useful to me. The first one that stood out to me was the first one on the list W3Schools. This one stood out to me because they said it “starts off in the beginning with the most basic lessons.” They also mentioned that it uses plain and simple language to explain everything. This one would be super useful to me because I have just recently started learning about these things for the first time; therefore I have no experience whatsoever. Another resource that I think would be useful to me is Don’t Fear The Internet. The thing that stands out to me about this resource is the audience at which it is aimed. They mentioned that it is “aimed at similarly creative people who have little to no desire to do web design professionally – but at the same time don’t want an ugly cookie-cutter site showcasing their work.” I feel like this applies to me because I want my blog and site to look very nice and be inviting but I don’t have a desire to do web design professionally. Another one that stands out to me is Khan Academy. I have used Khan Academy before and I am very familiar with it; of course this one stands out to me as well so I feel it would be useful to me.

CA 260 would be a little more difficult for me if it were taught entirely online. I don’t think I would enjoy this because even with the class already being blended online and in class, I sometimes get really lost or confused. I think there are some things taught in this class that need to be explained by a teacher in a person. I think students would get less from this class if it was strictly online because I don’t think they would learn as much as they can from this class.

Content Management Systems

Okay so this week I learned about content management systems. Before learning about them I was aware of one popular one called WordPress. Of course I was familiar with this one because of this blog. Content management systems make it easier for websites to update and add content (Module 7).  If I was asked to recommend a CMS to a local business that was looking to build a website I would probably recommend WordPress. If the company is not very experienced with making website then I would definitely recommend this. I would choose this one because in the article I read Tiwari states that WordPress “is simple and easy to use.” Also according to the article, it has the most options for themes and templates. This is important in my opinion because I am new to making websites and the multitude of themes and templates helped a lot when I was learning how to use it for blogging. The large number of themes and templates also allow you more options to find what fits you and the vision for your website best. Also, according to the article WordPress is also very easy to install. This may not be a big deal to many people, but I am very impatient sometimes so it’s good to know that the installation process is simple.

If the business would like to avoid having to hire someone to make their website then WordPress would definitely be great for them because if I can figure out how to use it, then anyone can. All it really takes is experimenting.


Okay so I just realized that I mentioned my job interview a couple of weeks ago on here and never updated you guys on that. Wellllll, I did in fact get the job. It’s super convenient because it’s on campus. However, as horrible as my spending habits are I probably will not be able to live off of just working there. With that being said I decided to continue working at my other job that I have off campus as well. So far this two job thing hasn’t been too stressful. It’s actually been really helpful with taking up most of my free time; so hey I guess that could keep me out of trouble. I’ll keep you guys updated.