Learning About Blogging

Blogging is actually more difficult than I thought it would be. There are so many different editing options that it becomes overwhelming. So when I saw that the module this week was about the dos and don’ts of blogging I was relieved because I could use a little guidance. The dos and don’ts are very helpful because they help show me upfront what I should avoid when blogging. I want to make sure that my blog is simple, yet fun. Another thing that is important to me is making sure my blog is personalized, yet relatable. This is such a new, fun way of learning. I can apply the blogging dos and don’ts to my desired career field because I can use the guidelines for blogging in everyday communication situations.  Therefore, this is perfect because I want to work in the communications field. I know that’s very broad but I’m not very picky so I’m open to working anywhere related to communications and even business as well. One thing I learned about this week that I will apply To my blog post  from now on is the importance of planning. After reading all about planning I understand that I need to apply this to my blog posts to make sure they are readable and interesting to my audience. Another thing I read about that stuck out to me was “be relatable, be yourself.” This stuck out to me because I’m a huge advocate for being yourself and loving yourself. I’m hoping that through all of my blog posts my audience can see some who I am. However, also I’m hoping that they can see how comfortable I am with being myself and hopefully that will encourage them to be themselves.


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