Starting up a Website!

This is definitely a year of trying new things! First, I started with the blog. Now, it’s time to try out making my own website! This should be fun. Okay so I made my Weebly account. I downloaded the app on my phone and discussed to explore from my phone first. I went through the tutorial version so I could get a feel of how Weebly works. It basically walked me through the editing options. There are so many editing options. Similar to the blog experimenting, the editing options always stress me out. The theme I chose was the Cento theme. This theme seems more visual to me. I chose this theme because it seems very modern and organized. I like this theme, however I think I will change it. The main reason I think I’m going to change it is because I know myself and I’m super indecisive. It seems to be similar to making a blog site, however it’s different because of course I probably won’t have as many words on the website. I’m still not sure what exactly I want to focus on for the website. I’m thinking of focusing on my current life in college because that’s what I chose to do for the blog site. Making the website doesn’t appear to be hard. I’m probably  unintentionally going to make it difficult for myself with my indecisiveness. This should be a fun experience. I’m very optimistic about it because I’ve never done anything like this before.


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