Okay so this week I am learning about website accessibility. I never thought about how important it was to make sure your website is accessible to as many people as possible. I never even thought about all of the different kinds of impairments that can affect internet use. I will definitely be paying more attention now to how accessible my website is. This also made me reflect on how fortunate I am and how sometimes I take that for granted. I want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and I hope that something from my site can make them smile. In order for this to happen I must make sure that I take the necessary steps towards making my site accessible to everyone. For example, I learned that I need to make sure my site is accessible to keyboard-only users. I never thought about this before. It is definitely something I’m going to keep in mind. Another thing that stuck out to me was making sure your website doesn’t start audio automatically when someone opens your site. This made me think about how annoying it is when I click on a site and the sound starts blasting before the video can even load. I wouldn’t want viewers to feel this way about my site so I am going to make sure I edit the sound to start when the viewer clicks on the video. Now that I am more aware about accessibility it is important to me that I make sure I do what I can to make my site as accessible as possible! ❤


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