Content Management Systems

Okay so this week I learned about content management systems. Before learning about them I was aware of one popular one called WordPress. Of course I was familiar with this one because of this blog. Content management systems make it easier for websites to update and add content (Module 7).  If I was asked to recommend a CMS to a local business that was looking to build a website I would probably recommend WordPress. If the company is not very experienced with making website then I would definitely recommend this. I would choose this one because in the article I read Tiwari states that WordPress “is simple and easy to use.” Also according to the article, it has the most options for themes and templates. This is important in my opinion because I am new to making websites and the multitude of themes and templates helped a lot when I was learning how to use it for blogging. The large number of themes and templates also allow you more options to find what fits you and the vision for your website best. Also, according to the article WordPress is also very easy to install. This may not be a big deal to many people, but I am very impatient sometimes so it’s good to know that the installation process is simple.

If the business would like to avoid having to hire someone to make their website then WordPress would definitely be great for them because if I can figure out how to use it, then anyone can. All it really takes is experimenting.


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