Search Engine Optimization

So today I became a little more familiar with search engine optimization. According to module 11 in class, “search engine optimization refers to the practice of designing and editing websites in a way that improves their chances of being found when a user searches for content in a search engine.” I realize now how important this is because it affects the number of people that will see or come across my site. I want to be able to make my site in a way that has enough tags and relevant content that will make it more likely to appear when people search for content. I plan on using some SEO strategies I learned about on “5 SEO strategies Every Company Needs to Master.” For example, the first step I learned was “Get Quality Links” (Module 11). According to the page, this step includes content selection, networking, etc. This step seems to be very important in my opinion because it is the basis from which your sites success is based.


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