Domain Hosting and Registration

So when I first began brainstorming names and concepts for my website I first just searched titles that included my name because I wasn’t sure what I wanted the purpose of my website to be. Now, that I know what I want my site to be about it was a little easier to come up with the domain name. The hard part is finding a name that isn’t already taken. So when gathered the goals and purpose of my site, I came up with the name Life Support. Well when I searched LifeSupport on, of course that was already taken. When I used weebly to narrow down a site name I ended up just settling with LifeeSupport. Of course, the extra “e” was added to allow me to use a domain name that wasn’t already taken without having to completely change the name. I definitely won’t pay for hosting because I am just starting. At this point I don’t know what the feedback and participation of the site will be like so I would like to just keep it simple for now. Also, I will not pay for a domain name right now because of the same reason listed previously. However, in the future if I make a site for business purposes I might purchase a domain name or pay for hosting.


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