Finals Week!

School is finally almost over! Of course it couldn’t leave without a bang…… finals week. I’m pretty sure almost all college students have been dreading this week. Luckily my finals week isn’t too stressful this time because I only have 3 classes this semester. I do feel bad for those student regretting their academic decisions as a result of finals week. One thing I definitely learned AGAIN, is to try my absolute hardest not to procrastinate! I say this at the end and beginning of every semester and I still can’t seem to get it right. However, this semester I think I might have learned my lesson. I guess we’ll see this summer when I begin my summer classes.



Learning Can Be Fun

So I’m sitting in class watching the time go by and it just hit me all of a sudden. Why does school have to be so boring? Why can’t learning be fun in class? I know there are exceptions to this; some classes are fun for students. However, generally classes are not viewed as something that is fun. Personally, I don’t mind going to my classes that are fun and interactive. I do not really enjoy going to my other classes that aren’t as fun because they’re so boring that it’s hard to pay attention. My attention span is really bad so in boring classes I struggle a lot with paying attention. I feel like I would get a lot more out of my classes if my teachers found a way to make it more interesting and interactive. In my opinion the majority of classes should not be lecture style classes like they are now. Again this is all just my opinion because I know how I am. I am more likely to pay attention in an interactive class than in a large, lecture class.


Okay so I just realized that I mentioned my job interview a couple of weeks ago on here and never updated you guys on that. Wellllll, I did in fact get the job. It’s super convenient because it’s on campus. However, as horrible as my spending habits are I probably will not be able to live off of just working there. With that being said I decided to continue working at my other job that I have off campus as well. So far this two job thing hasn’t been too stressful. It’s actually been really helpful with taking up most of my free time; so hey I guess that could keep me out of trouble. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Job Interview

So today I have a job interview. It’s for an on campus job. I’m verrrryyyy optimistic about it because I have been craving a new job. Currently I work at Lenny’s Sub Shop. Working at Lenny’s is pretty simple and self explanatory. I have been working there for a little over a year. They’re very flexible with scheduling so that helps a lot. I’m hoping that I can work at Lenny’s and the on campus job at the same time. It would be great for me financially, but I have to make sure I don’t overwhelm myself. I already have an issue with time management, especially when it comes to school work. Literally, I am the Procrastination Goddess and I’m horrible with time. I don’t feel too bad about it though because 98% of college students have these issues. Well I guess we’ll see how this goes.

Student accident on campus frightens pedestrians and alerts drivers!

Today started off as a regular Monday. Of course I got out of bed late and took too long to leave the house, like usual.  I was rushing to class when I noticed a traffic build up near the building where my class was. I took an alternate route and parked and began walking to class. Suddenly, I noticed a police car, an ambulance, a fire truck, and a small crowd near the crosswalk. I continued to walk and then I noticed in the middle of the crowd there was a girl on the ground. I soon realized she had been hit by a car while on her bike. I instantly felt bad for the girl and I hoped that she was okay. As I continued to class I saw them put her on a stretcher as she appeared to be unconscious. This incident made me think about a lot; for example times when I have been driving and not paying attention to pedestrians or times when I’ve been walking and not paying attention to my surroundings. It made me realize that you never know what can happen so always pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. We should do this not only for the sake of our lives but for the sake of others’ lives as well. I just thought about how hurt I would be if I received a phone call about one of my siblings or close relatives being injured. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy. Hopefully this incident sent a message to students and staff on campus.