Massive Open Online Courses

Okay so I had no idea there were so many resources available for web design training. This week I learned about 22 of the best and most common resources. Out of the 22 I feel that 3 of them would significantly useful to me. The first one that stood out to me was the first one on the list W3Schools. This one stood out to me because they said it “starts off in the beginning with the most basic lessons.” They also mentioned that it uses plain and simple language to explain everything. This one would be super useful to me because I have just recently started learning about these things for the first time; therefore I have no experience whatsoever. Another resource that I think would be useful to me is Don’t Fear The Internet. The thing that stands out to me about this resource is the audience at which it is aimed. They mentioned that it is “aimed at similarly creative people who have little to no desire to do web design professionally – but at the same time don’t want an ugly cookie-cutter site showcasing their work.” I feel like this applies to me because I want my blog and site to look very nice and be inviting but I don’t have a desire to do web design professionally. Another one that stands out to me is Khan Academy. I have used Khan Academy before and I am very familiar with it; of course this one stands out to me as well so I feel it would be useful to me.

CA 260 would be a little more difficult for me if it were taught entirely online. I don’t think I would enjoy this because even with the class already being blended online and in class, I sometimes get really lost or confused. I think there are some things taught in this class that need to be explained by a teacher in a person. I think students would get less from this class if it was strictly online because I don’t think they would learn as much as they can from this class.