Security and Privacy

I actually learned a lot more than I expected to learn from this week’s module. One interesting tip that I never thought about from was”Don’t Reuse Passwords.” Of course this is really simple, but you just never really think about it. I never thought of paying attention to the repetition of passwords. Another interesting thing I learned about was the use of password managers. I found it really interesting that “All you’ll ever need to know is the master password. The rest of your passwords are encrypted, and can only be unlocked by that master password” (Wired). Lastly, I found the information about Simon Wadsworth’s company interesting. “Simon Wadsworth is an Online Reputation Management consultant for his company Igniyte (, which specialises in helping people fix their digital profiles” (TechAdvisor). I think this company was a really good idea. This module also taught me to make sure I pay attention to my internet footprint. I need to be sure to watch what I post, share, or like on any social media pages. As a future communications professional, I think all of this information is very important to know. I think this because  you never know, one day I might be responsible for my own company or another company’s social media sites, private information, etc.  If this were true I would need to be aware of how to protect the company’s important information; and what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. I would also need to be able to protect the company’s accounts which includes handling the log ins.